Why do rappers wear bling?

Rap culture has always been about money, music and hustle.  And there’s no better way to signify success and money than big, bold jewellery, mainly gold chains. 

It has become obvious over the past couple of decades that hip-hop jewellery is a thing. Most if not all rappers opt for gold chain necklaces, that indicate wealth, popularity and success. In this way, they are able to sell their image better to their fans. It can even act as a personal reminder of all the blood, sweat and tears it took to achieve monumental success in the hip-hop world.

In this article, we’ll go over the history and importance of gold chains in the hip hop industry and why rappers prefer to wear men's gold chain necklaces over other expensive jewellery. What is it about men's necklaces that make them seem so stylish and cool?


The history of gold chains dates back almost 75,000 years, when they were worn by the Ancient Egyptians as spiritual symbols to ward off evil spirits. Back then, gold was also a symbol of dominance and power, illustrating the success and wealth of the owner.

Rappers wear it for the same reasons, with the additional aspect of music and art. The first hip-hop artist to introduce gold chains was RUN DMC in the 80s. Then, other popular artists like Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Eminem and Jay Z caught on till gold chains became a staple of hip-hop culture. 

Why do rappers wear bling? 

Hip-hop culture is all about being present, happening, and successful. As rappers, they want their fans to believe that they have achieved massive success. By wearing attention-grabbing flashy bling, they indicate their money and success.

A hip-hop artist's style is a direct reflection of their personality. The simple reason why some rappers want to use flashy jewellery pieces in their songs and videos is that it helps them project a sense of wealth, class, and seductiveness to their audience.

Aside from wealth, it also defines how far they have come in life. They use jewellery as a means to express their personality and their core values or beliefs. Hip-hop culture is essentially built on hustle culture, working non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to achieve the success they want. Most of them came from difficult backgrounds and have had their fair share of ups and downs in their career. As a result, the gold chains serve as a continual reminder of the pain and hard work required to reach their current position. As told by Drake in his song Started From The Bottom, he wears all his chains even when not in public, solely as a reminder for himself.


Gold chains are the ultimate representation of hip-hop culture. They declare the artist’s wealth, fame and success in a flashy and ostentatious way. 

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