Which Rappers Wear Custom Grillz?

What is Grillz?

Grillz are impermanent covers made of gold, silver, precious stone, gems or different metals that the wearer puts over his teeth. Donning gold and precious stones on your teeth isn't a new thing, and the set of experiences returns similar to 1,000 years. Regardless of how much solid white teeth are thought of, gold teeth are once more into the photos, not intended for clinical reasons but rather style. The pattern started to come to fruition in the mid-1980s, yet it spiked through the mid-2000s. A Custom Grillz reflects your personal style.

Reasons Of How Gold Grillz Is Safe

  • Wearing a gold crown implies that the old crown implies that it would not be effortlessly eroded. 
  • It is a non-poisonous material and won't hurt your teeth. 
  • With gold on your teeth, you don't need to stress over cracking.

In any case, here is a rundown of specific big names, basically rappers, who have Grillz as a piece of their character.

  • Lil' Wayne 

Lil Wayne cherishes his gold Grillz, and I presumably keep thinking about whether we have at any point seen him without one? He has had gold Grillz even since he was in the business, yet in 2010 he told in a meeting that he had had a dental, medical procedure to accomplish his precious stone encrusted look. "Imma kicks the bucket with these. These are my teeth," he uncovered in a similar meeting. 

  • Flavor Flav 

Flavor Flav has a highly unmistakable style regarding adornments, evident from the colossal clocks he wears around his neck. So it is beyond question that he would have most certainly attempted the gold Grillz pattern as well. He is viewed as a pioneer of the Grillz. It is his brand name. He has had gold Grillz for around 10 years, and since it is long-lasting, you probably won't have a brief look at his natural teeth.

  • T-Pain 

T-torment has been clicked ordinarily in his gold and yellow jewel Grillz. The things are valued at an astounding 30,000 dollars. Nonetheless, other than being an important reason, his gold teeth assisted him with recuperating from a gold truck mishap in 2009. Gold Grillz is such a piece of his character that he is referred to for them; however, he is known for rapping. Curiously, he has likewise been designated for Choice Grill Award at the Kids Choice Award occasion.

  • Chris Brown 

However much Chris Brown has been known for dramatization in his connections, he has been known for gold Grillz. He wore it without precedent for his "Dum English" craftsmanship presentation, even though he wore it arbitrarily on his teeth around then. Before very long, he was spotted again wearing a full gold Grillz set during a night out in Hollywood.


If you are also looking for a way to find gold Grillz, this can be very helpful for your guidance as wearing gold Grillz has been a new fashion lately and has been worn by many celebrities nowadays. Supreme Jewelers offers a fantastic set of gold Grillz, and you can also visit their page and look at it.   

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