Which Rappers Have The Most Expensive Jewelry?

Superstars are individuals who have the worst design game since they have the most cash to blow and a lot of, for sure, extravagant occasions to join in and flaunt their costly style. Even though we might not have Jay-Z sort of cash, we can, in any case, look to him and other big name rappers for motivation on the best way to up our ornamentation game. If you are also a fan of jewelry, then have a look at the absolute most costly chains in the hip-hop world at this moment.

Most Expensive Hip Hop Gold Chains

Mentioning down some of the most expensive chains that are very popular in the hip hop world and owned by different artists

1. Rick Ross 

Coming out in public just under the spotlight presenting our man Rick Ross. He got an altered gold chain for $1.5 million that includes his very own pendant face. Ricky Ross had become famous in the realm of hip hop in the most recent twenty years when he endorsed Jay-Z's mark Def Jam Recordings.

2. Pharrell 

Following not far behind is Pharrell, who bought a custom gold chain made by famous goldsmith Jacob the Jeweler. This piece cost Pharell a cool $1 million at the same time. As far as he might be concerned, it merited the overpriced cost, as he had the opportunity to plan a chain highlighting individuals from his band N.E.R.D. that has crusaded in precious stones. Some accept that it is perhaps the best illustration of frosted gems. Jacob, the Jeweler, gently added diverse hued remarkable rocks to portray the musician's outfits, articulations, and embellishments. 

3. Mike Jones 

Even though he might have tumbled off the guide as of late, Mike Jones was no joking matter in the early and mid-2000s, as reflected in his jewel-studded $1 million white gold chain engraved with the expression "Ice Age." What an ideal blend of mainstream society references (update: Ice Age the film was nothing to joke about at that point) and a one-liner telling everyone he was entering his own "Ice Age"— a time of achievement it has been so incredible, he could bear to cover his adornments in precious stones.

4. Gucci Mane 

He turned out as a man with a significant distinguishing strength merits a chain similarly as large, which is why he treated himself in 2017 to a nitwit white gold chain that hangs somewhat more than a choker and highlights two restricting pumas of price $500,000.

5. Sean Kingston 

In 2007, Sean Kingston ventured out to flex on everyone with a super dope and very unique frosted out affix that was intended to seem as though a Crayola pastel box, utilizing other valuable gemstones like emeralds and rubies to make an intricately brilliant pendant, which swung from a puff style chain that was later on stolen. 


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