What is a Fake Grill?

Grills, also known as “fronts” or “Grillz” are decorative covers that are often made of silver, gold, or jewel-encrusted precious metals that are snapped over one or more teeth. Generally, grills are removable but some people get their teeth altered with gold precious metals to permanently resemble a grill. These professionally made grills are usually very expensive. These grills can cost anywhere in five to six figures depending upon the metal you are getting it made from. A lot of Hollywood celebrities and hip-hop artists are seen flaunting their grills smiles on the red carpet.

Now a lot of you might have heard of the fake grill as well. And as soon as the term fake comes into the picture, it is usually misunderstood that fake grillz are the ones that are no made of such precious metals. However, that is not the case. Fake grills are also made of precious metals like gold, silver but these are the ones that are premade and are not customized as per your teeth size. Fake grillz are made in a way that one size fits almost one and all. These are usually cheaper than the ones customized.

Now in fake grillz again we have two types. The first kind is high-quality fake grills that are made of pure metals and the other kind is poor quality fake grills. Poor quality fake grills have a lot of contamination done in them to make them affordable. These are not purely made of precious metals, rather, these can be found with potentially harmful metals like nickel, lead, or tin mixed in them. This is why, when you are looking for fake grills, you should look for high-quality fake grills over poor quality fake grills as poor quality fake grills can be dangerous for you.

Poor quality fake grills can leave negative effects on your teeth and your health as well because of the metals they have and keeping such metals in the mouth negatively impacts the dental and general health of a person. So, while buying a fake grill, make sure that you are getting yourself a high-quality fake grill. Now, how are you going to know which one’s a good fake grill? The first thing to keep in mind while buying the one for yourself is that you are getting it from a good brand that has listed down the complete composition of the grill you are about to buy.

The poor-quality fake grill is way cheaper than high-quality ones. This is why by putting in just a little extra, you are ensuring that you are keeping yourself safe from the hazards of poor quality ones.

Supreme Jewelers has an amazing collection of high-quality fake grills. We keep our collection of mouthpieces real by listing down the materials that are used. We also have detailed fit information for all our collections and we hold a solid reputation in the industry by keeping it very real, honest, and transparent. We have the best custom grillz including:


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