Types of Memory Pendants / What are Memory Pendants?

What is a memory pendant?

A memory pendant is a sort of neckband that can be customized, and it contains either a level face or a minute compartment with space to show a photograph, lock of hair, or extremely little piece of letter. These pendants are produced using various metals and come in multiple plans. Generally, the memory pendant has been viewed as an exceptionally tasteful extra for its capacity to recount stories on a tremendous and verifiable scale.

The idea of memory pendants advanced from old unique necklaces worn as mementoes. You can find the hints of the plans of these memory pendants from the ancient European artisans tracing back to the sixteenth 100 years. As well as lodging photographs, numerous more seasoned pendants likewise contained lucky trinkets, a piece of fabric plunged in fragrance or even toxic substances.

People wore these memory pendants to keep bits of their friends and family near their hearts, and exemplary English writing is loaded up with stories that have supported the ubiquity of memory pendants.

Memory pendants were worn for personal reasons, yet they frequently indicated status. At the point when rulers wore them, memory pendants were viewed as unique, valuable, and bejewelled. The Queen of England, Her Highness Queen Elizabeth I, wore a ring as a memento that contained a hand-drawn image of her with her mom, Anne Boleyn. Adherents of the Queen emulate her example and comparably embellish memory pendants.

Although many styles fluctuate over the long haul, memory pendants have remained consistently famous. As of late, they have been related with precious gems and have seen a resurgence inside the military, with the possibility that troopers could convey a piece of their cherished one into a fight with them. Many were found on expired World War I fighters, and on second thought of being viewed as a fabulous and regal pieces of gems, memory pendants were viewed as sweet knickknacks with high private importance.

Some of the types of pendants used as memory these days are mentioned below.

Beautiful Angel Memory PendantA blue foundation and fragile example decorate our Beautiful Angel jewellery, one of the numerous memory pendants accessible to regard friends and family who have passed on. This customized pendant neckband incorporates a round enchant reasonable for your number one photograph and accompanies an 18-inch silver plated chain. You can likewise eliminate the charm and wear it on a wristband. One way or the other, it's a brilliant method for showing a photograph of your exceptional holy messenger in Heaven.

Many pendants come in different shapes and sizes; however, finding the one which has meaning and emotional attachment to you can act as a perfect type of memory pendant. Having said that, the most usual types of memory pendants that come are

  • Heart-shaped
  • Diamond-shaped
  • Cube-shaped
  • Bouquet charm
  • Silver layered pendants
  • Circle-shaped
  • Wedding bouquet charm
  • Double pearl memory pendant


There is no shortage of types and variety of pendants that are now available in the market these days, which only helps to cherish your bond and love with your closest ones. For this very reason, you should opt for a jeweller that provides authentic quality pendants and for that, the number one trusted source is Supreme Jewelers. To check out the variety of designs and pendants, visit the website today.

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