The History Of Men's Earrings

Have you seen the informal gang of boys wearing earrings to look fabulous? Most of the boys seem to be wearing these earrings nowadays. Or if we say the men's earrings are now trending and becoming a fashion statement in the world of boys, it wouldn't be so wrong.

But do you know that these men's earrings are not something new? Yes, in history, you can easily track back to the earlier civilizations that men were the first to wear the earring. So without any delay, let's get into further detail about the history of men's earrings.

Earring In The Ancient Times

To your surprise, the history of earrings dated back to the 7th millennium BC; also, the clay tablets in those times had the proof of men's earrings. At that time, men wore earrings to show their social status, and it was considered an essential ornament for men in those days. But sooner, the people of ancient Rome stopped wearing the earrings.

In Europe, men spend a large sum on getting the most fashionable earring for themselves even to date. Back in history, the discrimination among socially different people was based on the earrings they used to wear. The ordinary class wore wooden or copper earrings, whereas the higher and elite class wore metallic earrings. If someone was wealthy enough, he also used to have some jewels in his earring.

Symbol Of Arrogance

When the earring trend got so popular in the West, the Catholic church restricted it. The reason behind the regulation was to protect the image of men.

Not the decent men in the society wear these earrings; instead, you can see the criminals, the bad boys, pirates, gypsies, some of the singers, and such individuals wore the earrings. And not only do they wear it, but there is also a complete history and reason behind it that why these individuals wear earrings. It was due to some more extraordinary achievement or reward; only after that, they were allowed to wear earrings.

Five Reasons Why Men Wear Earrings

If you are still wondering why men wear earrings, here, we will share with you some of the reasons.

  1. Earrings are now much in trend and considered as a fashion statement for men.
  2. In some cultures and religions, it is the part of their religious practice where both males and females have ear piercings.
  3. Just like the ancient times, some people still wear it as a status symbol.
  4. Pirates believe in having a clearer vision of distant places when they wear earrings.
  5. In Buddhism, people wear earrings to gain spirituality.

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