What is a memory pendant?

A memory pendant is a type of necklace that can personalized, and it contains either a flat face or a tiny compartment with space to display a photo, lock of hair, or very tiny piece of letter. These pendants are made from a variety of metals and come in numerous designs. Historically the memory pendant has been considered a very classy accessory for its ability to tell stories on a grand and historical scale. 

The concept of memory pendants evolved from ancient amulets which were worn as lockets. You can find the traces of the designs of these memory pendants from the ancient European artisans dating back to the 16th century. In addition to housing photos, many older pendants also contained good luck charms, a piece of cloth dipped in perfume, or even poisons.

Men and women wore these memory pendants to keep pieces of their loved ones close to their heart, and classic English literature is filled with stories that have reinforced the popularity of memory pendants. 

Memory pendants were worn for highly personal reasons, but they often denoted status as well. When kings wore them, memory pendants were considered to be grand, precious, and bejeweled. The Queen of England, Her Highness Queen Elizabeth I, wore a ring in the form of a locket that contained a hand-drawn picture of her with her mother, Anne Boleyn. Followers of the Queen follow in her footsteps and similarly adorn memory pendants. 

Though many fashion trends fluctuate over time, memory pendants have remained steadily popular. Recently they have been associated with sweetheart jewels and have seen a resurgence within the military, with the idea that soldiers could carry a piece of their loved one into battle with them. Many were found on deceased World War I soldiers, and instead of being seen as a grand and royal piece of jewelry, memory pendants were seen as sweet trinkets with high personal significance.

To this day memory pendants are still popular. They are still known for their strong emotional connections and have made a resurgence as a trendy vintage style.

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