Real Gold vs. Gold Plated

Whenever you go to buy jewelry for yourself, you might find yourself overwhelmed with a variety of options. Among these options you’ll likely be presented with real gold vs. gold plated jewelry.

What are the differences between them, and which is best? 

Let's discuss this to make it easier for you.

There are many factors that come into consideration while buying items as precious as jewelry. It is a luxurious good, and it better last a long time because of its substantial cost.

To answer these questions that are popping up your head right now, we present you with a detailed breakdown of real gold versus plated gold. 


Real Gold

Real gold is as real as it can get. Yes, we are talking about the full 24-karat chunks of precious jewels that feel super smooth against the skin in addition to a rich, warm tone. The color of real gold is very distinctive from other types of plated gold fillers. 

These fillers are merely alloys mixed with gold to make it stronger. Just like its sophisticated appearance, pure gold is also very delicate. Thus, great care must be taken to make sure you can wear it for a lifetime. 

Real gold is definitely more expensive than plated gold. If it is gifted to you by someone else, then do know that they love you from the bottom of their heart. Keep it safe as and curate it so that it lasts you a lifetime.  



Not all that glitters is gold. That is exactly the case with plated gold. This sort of gold jewel is mostly the mix of metals topped off with a thin gold covering. The outer surface is the only amount of gold that exists in gold-plated jewelries. You would not want to do harsh chores wearing plated gold. The outer layer can easily get scraped off, leaving you with an ugly looking piece of ornament. 

Though gold-plated jewelry is less durable than real gold, it is a more affordable option than buying real gold. Because of this, gold-plated jewelry is a popular gift for others, and you can even choose to have the plates in different colors. You mostly have the option to pick between shiny yellow gold plating or sober rose gold plating.

We know the outermost layer of gold can wear off easily, but if you take proper care of it, then it can last a long time. You can also recover the scrapped off part by asking your shopkeeper to plate it again. 

To sum up...

Real gold is the absolute best and has zero competition, but it comes at a high price and might not be affordable for everyone. If you are looking for a long-lasting piece of jewel that also looks and feels premium, then you could save money and purchase real gold in the future.

If you are looking for a cheaper and more subtle alternative, gold-plated jewelry is the way to go. It is affordable, comes in a variety of color options, and looks just like the real thing! 

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