How to Clean Grillz

Fancy grillz are worn by different types of people, and these accessories are one of the trending and hottest looks among the top A-listers of Hollywood. You might have seen those shiny smiles on Hollywood red carpet events or some movie premiers and have wondered about it. You might have seen Madonna, Flavor Flav, Rihanna, or Nelly showing off their shiny smile and noticed something different about it. Grillz have started becoming common among rappers, singers, Hollywood celebs, and even the commoners. This popular trend has been on the rise since the 80’s, and now this 14-karat gold smile has become a bedazzled, exciting fun fashion accessory that anyone and everyone can wear.

Adding grillz to your accessory collection transforms your personality completely and brings that elegance to your smile as well as keeps it clean and hygienic. This is beneficial so that when you remove your grillz, you will still have a bright and shiny smile to show the world! 

Supreme Jewelers has made their mark in the market by providing custom-fit grillz both in gold and diamond editions. If you don’t own one, you can browse through the classic collection of Supreme’s grillz and show that shiny smile to the world!


How do I clean my grillz? 

Cleaning your grillz requires nothing fancy and is simple to do. All you will need to do the basic cleaning is lukewarm water, mild dish soap, and a soft microfiber cloth. No mouthwash or chemical cleaner should be used to clean off the built-up bacteria or debris along the insides, as the mild dish soap and lukewarm water will do the job just as well but without damaging the grillz. 

Take lukewarm water and mild dish soap in a container and mix them well. Place your grillz in the container and rub it off with a soft microfiber cloth. Take it out and again place it in a container with just lukewarm water for four - five minutes. After that, simply use another soft microfiber cloth to pat dry.


How often should it be cleaned?

Now the next question that comes to mind is how often should grillz be cleaned? And the answer to that is after every wear! Quick cleaning of grillz after every wear is all you need for that flashy smile. This will not only help in keeping it clean but also free from any sort of germs.

Keep your bling as shiny as new with this simple procedure and for any sort of assistance, get in touch with The Supreme Jewels now!

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