How Custom Grillz Are Made

If you want to know how custom grillz are made, you're in the right place. but first:

What are grillz?

Grillz are not the cooking apparatus used to make hot, mouthwatering BBQ, but rather grillz are the unique, jeweled teeth often worn by rappers or movie actors. 

Grillz have been around for decades, acting as a means of showcasing the high status of those with wild amounts of wealth. What better way to show you have got unlimited money than by studding your teeth with diamonds and other metals?

Grillz are usually made of gold and diamond, and while there were not many designs available in the past, advances in technology have made a variety of designs and customization possible for grillz. For the right price, individuals can create grillz any way their heart desires to show off to their friends or simply own as a status symbol. 

If the concept of grillz sounds appealing to you, keep reading to learn how custom grillz are made. 

Here's our 3 steps-guide:

1. Pick Your Grillz

The first step to creating grillz is to pick a suitable design for the grillz. Listen to what your heart says and figure out whether you are a classic gold or a new-gen diamond person. After finding out what you really want, give us a call: (281) 235-4925 or visit our website and order online. 

Nowadays, getting a grillz is similar to getting a tattoo, so you might want to personalize it. Your grillz can cover your choice of front teeth and also have a sparkling base of the jewel you choose to put on. It is all up to you. 

2. Take Impressions of Your Teeth 

After selecting your grillz, make a mold of the tooth or teeth you choose to wrap with your new teeth apparel. The shop you order your grillz from is likely to provide you with a mold so that you can submit your teeth impressions to them using it. If this is your first time making grillz, make sure to follow the detailed steps of making a mold. You might want to do some research on the internet before trying to use the mold so that you don’t mess up the first time.  

3. Production of the Grillz 

Once you submit your teeth impressions to the grillz shop, it can take them approximately 15-18 days to send back your glamorous grillz. Your unique impression is passed on to a dental professional, who takes a close look at it, and then incorporates it to the dye stone. Once it is set and solid enough for use, the gold/diamonds are studded onto your grillz, waiting for you to wear them and flaunt your pricey smile. 

Grillz are a way to express yourself, so check out our website today to get some inspiration for your custom grillz! 

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